At Whitman

As the Systems/Metadata Librarian, the first request that was made of me was to update the appearance of the catalog and website. Here are some screenshots of the redesigned site. The most important components of this re-design were to 1) Bring the visual appearance in line with the rest of Whitman College’s web presence, 2) to improve the organization of the content and make it easier to meet task-based needs, and 3) to streamline and update content, improve readability and usability, and de-clutter our web presence.

The re-design included a re-design of the catalog, so that they were visually similar and shifting from the website to the catalog felt more seamless. We also incorporate some new tools into the catalog, including a text-a-call number feature, New Book title lists, and improved metadata display focused on end-user needs.

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At the California Digital Library

For the past two years, my work has been focused on building a registry and collection analysis tool for serials archiving programs. Our team at CDL has worked closely with the WEST administrative team and the Center for Research Libraries to build PAPR, the Print Archives Preservation Registry.

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Student Projects

As the Systems Library Assistant in the Simmons College Library, I had the opportunity to work on a number of exciting web projects outside of my course-assigned web projects. These included assisting with a re-design of the library catalog, working with the College Archives to implement Archivists’ Toolkit, and creating a Rails-based application for showcasing featured books in the library.

Assignments in my courses also allowed me to build web tools and applications, including online tutorials and research guides, and a personal library application using PHP and MySQL.

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Personal Projects

I’m currently working on several linked open data-based projects, including a revision of the personal library application I built in graduate school, and an application designed to track sewing patterns, fabrics, and projects. More information on these will be available soon!

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