About Laura K

I’m the Web Services Librarian at the Sonoma State University Library in Sonoma County, California. I’ve been at Sonoma State since August 2013 and have had the pleasure here of working with a wonderful team of smart, creative, and dedicated people. We are a strongly student-focused Library, and my personal mission is to use our website and web services to inspire students’ curiosity and to teach them the skills they need to satisfy that curiosity and to become confident self-directed learners.

If you want to know more about my professional background, please check out my resume.

When I’m not librarianing, I am usually engaging in making something or other. I love to cook, sew, knit, embroider, make jewelry, and generally craft things. You can read about my non-library adventures at laurapants.com. I read a lot (you can check out my not-up-to-date library at LibraryThing), and I try to squeeze in dance, running, and yoga.

I live in Rohnert Park, CA with my partner, and have lived in Oakland, Santa Cruz, Boston, and Walla Walla, Washington. I’m happy to be back in California again, and hope I never have to leave.

4 thoughts on “About Laura K

  1. webbygrl

    OMG. We are soul sisters (albiet a generation apart). I spent 20 years in the military and I was so anal they put me in protocol. I’m one of the few who was the “last stop” before the general put his signature on a document – and if it didn’t pass muster, back to the poor author it went. But I was such a control freak about it, I got others to just accept that if I only changed grammar/format vs. content, they were content and would blindly approve my edits without even a glance. Now THAT, my friend, is power.

    Feminist sutdies…that is new to me. My mother burned her bra in a demonstration in Alamo Plaza, San Antonio, Texas, in 1972. That was my crash course in Feminist Studies, and I was only 9. And much to her chagrin, I will take a seat offered by a man in a heartbeat.

    I loved library school and graduated last December. I’m working in the government sector and I love it. Pray, avoid Public Librarianship lest ye become bitter and shriveled (and wear obtuse sweaters! LOL) Best of luck to you girl. You inspire me.

  2. Stephen

    I was curious if you were the Laura I used to know from SRHS Drama years ago. I remember someone named “Laura Krier” from back in the day from Scripps Ranch HS Drama.


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