A Week in the Life of a Web Services Librarian: Day Four

I managed to drag myself out for another run this morning. I’ve been running at least twice a week for about six weeks now and I thought it would get easier over time. Instead, it seems like it’s getting harder. What’s up with that?

8:30: Arrived at work and managed to accomplish one task right off the bat: I installed a captcha plug-in on our News and Events blog. We’ve been getting deluged by spam comments ever since our website soft launch, so I’m hoping this captcha stops the madness.

8:45: Brief conversation with a colleague, who stopped by my office on her way in. She wanted to show me the new Derek Jeter Nike commercial, and some how we ended up talking about feminism in Disney films and how children subvert gender roles in their play. I’m still not totally sure how we got from Derek Jeter to Frozen, but it was a fun digression.

9:15: Email and prioritizing of the To Do list

9:45: Went out the Juvenile collection and looked through the non-fiction books to see where we have gaps, what needs to be weeded, and what needs to be replaced. There are some eye-popping doozies out there. My favorite was book called “Indian Costumes” published in the 1960s. That has to go.

11:00: I finally buckled down and started working on the big, ugly problem I’ve been avoiding all week. I’m trying to install and configure an open source space use assessment tool from NCSU and have been running into some configuration problems. The developers have been amazing about responding to my questions really quickly. I feel like I’m so close to figuring this out. There’s definitely some kind of connection problem between the application and the database, and it’s making me a little bit crazy.

1:00: Met with our public services and assessment librarians to talk about how we want to use the tool I can’t install. It would have been way better if I’d been able to figure out my problem before the meeting, but at least we talked a little bit more about what it is we really want to be able to assess.

1:45: I got an email back from the developer, and sent him some of the information he wanted. Then headed outside for a walk and a snack. Must walk away from computer.

2:00: Spent a little more time browsing through the Juvenile collection to see what we should replace.

3:00: Back at the computer, banging on this app. Still no luck figuring out what’s wrong. It seems like it’s not connecting to the database, but I can’t figure out why not. Grrrr. Computers!!!!

3:45: Spent a little time brainstorming about our marketing retreat next Friday, coming up with concrete goals of what we want to take away from the day.

4:30: Time to head home. I’m debating whether to take the full day off tomorrow: I’m already taking a half day and going to a bachelorette party over the weekend. I could do the few tasks that I want to get done from home tomorrow morning. It would be nice to have a leisurely morning. I’ll have to sleep on it…

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