Jumping Right In

I can hardly believe it’s almost September. I know I’m not the only person saying this. Summer seems to have flown by, as usual. And this summer has been more exciting than most, at least for me.

I’ve made it through my first week in my new job as Web Services Librarian at Sonoma State University. I am so, so excited to be here. My new colleagues have been beyond warm and welcoming, and I feel like we are going to make an excellent team. I’m already compiling my list of projects to tackle, and I love that I will be allowed and able to experiment with new things and do the work I love most: using the web to make library services better for the community.

Of course, after the first week at any new job, I’m feeling filled up with information and newness and my brain is kind of swirling. It’s all good stuff, but man, I feel like I could sleep for three days. Unfortunately, I do not have the opportunity to do that, because I’m leaving for Greece tomorrow evening for a week-long Semantic Web Summer School. It is going to be fantastic, but at this point, I really wish it was happening, oh, I don’t know, next year.

And once I get back from Greece, we’ve got four weeks until our wedding.

So yeah, I’m jumping into this new year (well, new school year, for those of you who still think in terms of the academic calendar) with both feet, straight into the deep end. But the water is lovely.

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