Onward and Upward

It seems way too recent that I was writing a similar blog post, but life is ever changing, right? Yes, I’m moving on yet again. I’ve accepted a new position as the Web Services Librarian at Sonoma State University.

I’ve been so lucky to be a part of the California Digital Library, for however brief a period. I learned a lot, and had the chance to work with some truly brilliant, not to mention fun, warm, and generous people. It was not an easy decision to leave, but it was the right one for me, and (I hope) for Sean and me, and for our future.

I’m looking forward to being back on a campus, and working directly with students and faculty again. My new position will encompass a very wide range of projects and responsibilities, and I will have the opportunity to collaborate with yet another great team on innovative, user-focused services and projects. This is also a tenure-track position, which is really exciting for me. And which means that hopefully it’ll be a long time before I have to write another of these posts.

We won’t be moving right away, so we have at least another six months or so to enjoy Oakland (whee!) before making our move up to wine country (apparently, I really like living in wine country).

Thanks to all of my amazing colleagues at CDL for teaching me so much. And thanks to my soon-to-be new colleagues at Sonoma State for welcoming me into your fold. I can’t wait to start working with you!

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