I fixed it!

Last week I discovered some wonkiness happenings with pages in my wordpress installation. I recently moved from one hosting account to another, and I figured something off must have happened when I was re-setting up this site. And I was right. I had some extra lines in my .htaccess file that were causing some issues, but I think I fixed them.

It’s always a little daunting for me when I have to dig around the innards of my websites. I am 50 percent confident about that kind of surgery, and 50 percent totally not sure what I’m doing. When it comes to web development stuff I am still the kind of amateur that is most of the time faking it and poking at things until something does what I want. I’m not sure I fixed this problem the correct way, but it looks like I fixed it, so…I’m good with that.

If you encounter any more wonkiness, please, let me know!

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