ALA Again

Sometimes it seems that the only time I update this site is when I’m heading to ALA. Sometimes it seems like I’m always going to ALA.

I’m excited about this one: I love Seattle, and Sean is coming with me, for the first time. We have shared some wonderful visits in Seattle in the past, and I’m happy to be going back with him. Also looking forward to seeing some friends who live in Seattle.

As far as my conference activities, I think my time will be pretty well split between committee meetings, Shared Print and print archives meetings, and OCLC stuff. The OCLC Americas Regional Council begins before I arrive on Friday, but I hope to at least be there for the end of it.

Of course, there are three or four different things going on all at the same time in Saturday. This happens every single time I go to ALA: I have huge empty chunks of time on some days, and others that are overbooked. There’s a linked data round up I want to go to, and a Metadata Standards committee meeting. A MARC formats transition meeting is at the same time as a presentation on the Orbis-Cascade Alliance’s transition to a shared ILS, a project with which I was involved when I worked up there (and still feel a little invested in).

I’ll be at the WEST meeting, and the meeting of the Print Archives Network (PAN), listening for things that will impact the our development work over the coming year or two.

I’m still a little confused about why ALA claims the conference runs from Friday to Tuesday, and then schedules almost nothing to happen on Monday or Tuesday. What’s up with that?

If you’re going to ALA, let me know! I’d love to see those of you I’ve met in the past, and meet those of you I don’t yet know.

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