Is it time for ALA again?

Yes, it is, and this time ALA is practically in my backyard. Ok, it’s an 8 hour drive away, and I don’t really have a backyard, but I’m looking forward to a trip to Southern California. I’m extending my stay down south with a few days at the family compound (ha) in San Diego.

So what am I doing at ALA?

Friday morning I’ll be attending the OCLC Americas Regional Council Member Meeting. I’m interested in being a council member, so this will be a good chance to see what it’s all about.

After that, I’m heading to the LITA Open House. I really want to be more involved in LITA events so I’ll be making an effort this time to fit those in.

Saturday morning is SRRT Action Council I. I’m a new Council member, so I’ll be participating in a more active way than I have before.

In the afternoon, the LITA Publications committee is meeting, and then there is a MARC Formats interest group presentation I’m interested in.

Sunday is the OCLC Update Breakfast. I usually really enjoy that, so I’ll probably be there, but there is also a session on the Current Research On and Use Of FRBR in Libraries at the same time. I’ll probably make my mind up about that early morning situation on Saturday night.

I think I’m going to the Heads of Library Technology Interest Group Saturday afternoon, and then there is WEST Meeting, and the LITA President’s Program. And Sunday night, I’m presenting an award at the NMRT Awards reception. No, I’m not nervous at all. Why do you ask?

Monday I’ll be at the Metadata Interest Group session, and then I think the OCLC Research Library Partnership session. So far my afternoon is free, before I meet my former Director for dinner (super excited to see her).

Tuesday is empty so far, and I suspect I’ll actually check in to work for awhile in the morning, before heading home to San Diego to play with my niece and give big hugs to my family and generally enjoy three or four days of being home.

I’ll be driving down to Southern California (I really wanted the flexibility, since I’m tacking on vacation time at the end), and I’m hoping I won’t regret that decision.

I hope to see some of you there! What meetings are you attending? Are there any great parties I should definitely check out? I’m going to try to have a fairly mellow ALA, as far as late night events go, but I want to see friends and meet new people, too. What will you be up to at ALA?

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