3 thoughts on “Standards for Social Reading

  1. Fernando

    Very interesting blog Laura!

    I think you would be very interested in checking out the social reading feature that our startup has introduced to our platform iversity.

    It fits perfectly with your concerns for collaboration in research, as you mentioned above!

    You can access an open course and see it for yourself here: http://www.iversity.org/courses/2719#materials

    Get back to me with any insights and suggestions! Hope you enjoy it!

    1. lkrier Post author

      The annotation function is great; what would be REALLY great is if you could add annotations to all resources, or if I could annotate my copy of a book in my Kindle or Nook or what have you, and have those annotations automatically shared in the course module.

  2. marisa strong

    thanks laura for helping to understand how one would use annotations. Not being a big reader myself, I wasn’t sure the use cases for them. Very interesting post!


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