ALA Annual in New Orleans

All the arrangements are made and my schedule is quickly filling up: I’m going to ALA in New Orleans next month. I’ve never been to Annual, and I found Midwinter to be fairly overwhelming, so I’m sure this is going to bowl me over a bit. But at least I will have a purpose, at least some of the time: I’ve recently taken a spot on the LITA publications committee, and accepted the chairmanship of the 3M/NMRT Professional Development Grant committee, which I served on last year. And I have an SRRT meeting I’ll be attending to talk about the website stuff (although my role there still feels a little confusing). Not to mention the OCLC Regional Council meeting, which I really enjoyed at ALA Midwinter and will definitely be attending again.

Of course, just like at Annual, most of the meetings and panels I want to attend are scheduled at the same time.

I’m really looking forward to taking some time to explore New Orleans, as well. It’s a city I’ve always wanted to visit. Hopefully I’ll find some people to explore with. If any of my very few readers are planning to be there, let me know. I’m looking forward to meeting lots of new people, and I can’t wait to see you there.

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