New Amazon Search Feature?

I wish I had time to write a proper post, but these days, time is something I don’t seem to have much of. However, I wanted to mention something I just saw that I think is kind of awesome: Amazon seems to have created a new search feature that groups results based on which words were used to find them out of your longer search string.

I searched for “My baby loves a bunch of authors” with the intention of buying the MP3 of the Moxy Fruvous song. This is what I saw:

Images shows search results on Amazon grouping results based on which search terms were used to pull up those results.

I like it! I think that could be really helpful in library searching, because it is so often unclear why particular items appear in search results. Is this new, or have I just never seen it before? What do you think: Useful or confusing?

[Edited to note that the item I was actually looking for was listed first on the page, in multiple formats (single MP3 song and physical album that contains the song). These results showed when I scrolled down the page a bit.]

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