Moving On

I’m both excited and sad to announce that after almost two years as Systems/Metadata Librarian at Whitman College, I’m moving on. I’ve accepted a new position as Metadata Analyst at the California Digital Library, in Oakland. I’ll be working on a variety of projects with the CDL, including work with the HathiTrust and the WEST project. I’m so excited to be part of the University of California again, and to be contributing my time and energy to projects that will potentially benefit libraries everywhere. I am excited about the work that the California Digital Library is doing, and excited to be able to part of it all. I’m looking forward to meeting new colleagues, and learning how a new library system fits into the great library ecosystem.

It was actually not as easy a decision as I expected it to be, taking this new job. I have loved my work here in Walla Walla: loved the variety, the responsibility, the trust that my colleagues have in me do to things well, the opportunities that come up working with a small staff. I have loved the friendliness of people in this college community, and in this town. I love the library and the campus, the faculty and staff and students. And this little town of Walla Walla has started to grow on me. It might be small, but it’s charming and comfortable, and growing more charming every day as new businesses open and as the local wine industry settles into its unique and quirky and very special personality. So no, it was not an easy decision.

I appreciate all of the opportunities I had here, and look forward to the opportunities to come. Thank you to everyone who taught me and worked with me over the last two years. I’m comforted to know that in the small world of libraries, especially out here in the West, we’ll almost certainly have the chance to work together in the future.

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