And the day is over

So much for trying to update periodically throughout the day for this Library Life in the Day project. And so much for getting through my To Do list. I call it a To Do Wishlist for a reason. I did manage to edit the PR document on my desk, and that was an easy start to the day: I have a copyediting and copywriting background, so those kinds of projects are right up my alley. I also managed to slog through our contracts with our ILS vendor, which gave me a helpful timeline for putting together a report on the future of the ILS at my Place of Employ. And then I started trying to find out about load tables for a Serials Solutions upload project I have to complete and got stuck in the quicksand of III documentation for the rest of the day.

This is one of those annoying projects that should be easy, but isn’t because I don’t really know enough about how our system is set up yet. And boy howdy, are these systems complicated. It would be swell if I could run some test loads of records, but I don’t think we can do things like load records without them effecting the actual, live system. Thankfully, there is a large community of III users out there who are kindly enough to offer their help. I have my fingers crossed that tomorrow I can actually make some headway on this stinking project.

And a very important aspect of a life in the day of this librarian: I discovered that there are very good burritos in Walla Walla. Burritos, FTW!

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