New Librarian’s Day in the Life

Today is the second annual Library Day in the Life web event: Librarians all over the world chronicle their work day on their blogs and other web sites, and all these postings are pulled together in one place. Now, I’m a new librarian: I graduated from Simmons GSLIS in May and just started my first professional position, as the Systems/Metadata Librarian at Whitman College. I’ve only been a librarian for two weeks, so most of my work days have been centered around trying to figure out what’s going on around here. At first I debated whether it would be worth contributing my notes and thoughts to the Library Day in the Life, but then I thought this could be kind of interesting for other new librarians, so why not?

I usually start my day a little earlier than today, but I was up late last night putting together new furniture from Ikea, and arrived at 8.30 instead of 8.15. I always start my day by checking email and skimming my RSS feed. I mark the food-related articles to read later, and read the interesting library-related articles. And because I’m a perpetual organizer, I always have to sit down with my planner and calendar and start making the list of what I want to accomplish today. I have a weekly project list, and on Monday, I usually try to tackle the easiest stuff on list.

Today’s wish list of accomplishments: Edit a library PR document and send it to the Director, read over our contracts with our ILS vendor, send some questions I have about patron loads and Serials Solutions records to the Innovative Users Group listserv, and find out everything I can about load tables. And hopefully there will be a trip to the Walla Walla taco trucks with a co-worker for lunch.

We’ll see what I actually manage to get done today…

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