Oooh, surveys are fun

I just saw this one on Alison’s awesome blog, Spinstah. No, I wasn’t tagged, but I don’t even care. I’m going to answer it because I have a weird fondness for survey questions and these are good. And I would tag Miss Crystal with this one, but I highly suspect her blog won’t be updated anytime soon. (Ahem, if you do decide to update little lady, go ahead and answer some questions.)

1. Ten years ago I was… settling in for my first summer away from home, living with my aunt and uncle in San Francisco. I had probably just started my temp job for Blue Cross, and I was trying to figure out whether I should double major. I actually have a web site from lo those many years ago, and apparently, I was going to see Sean Lennon play an in-store at Amoeba. (Please forgive all the Tripod pop up ads. I was young and didn’t know any better.)

2. Five things on today’s To Do list: Updating the new webpages for interlibrary loan, finding out how to bake sourdough with my newly born starter, working a reference shift, testing ArtStor on Mac Leopard and Vista, and taking a nice, long walk. Everything but the reference shift and the bread baking = done!

3. Things I’d do if I were a billionaire: My real estate lust is out of control: I would definitely buy a place in San Francisco. Pay my parents’ mortgage. Pay off my student loans. Hire an accountant or personal finance advisor to help me invest wisely. Stock up on cava.

4. Three bad habits: Proclivity to laziness, impatience, shyness.

5. Six places I’ve lived: San Diego, CA, Santa Cruz, CA, San Francisco, CA, Boston, MA, Somerville, MA. Yeah, that’s it, I have not lived in six places. UPDATE:I HAVE lived in more than six places: I have also lived in Madison, SD and Brookings, SD. Completely forgot about that, because I was a baby and have no memories of actually living in these places. Doh.

6. Six jobs I’ve had in my life: Editorial assistant, Assistant Librarian, Marketing Associate (what does that even mean?), Student Services Coordinator for an online high school program, barista, waitress.

One thought on “Oooh, surveys are fun

  1. Alison

    I don’t usually tag people for these sorts of things. And I had a Tripod site back in the day — I spent a lot of time trying to fudge the settings for the ads, to get them to not pop up or be less annoying. (ha!)


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