Small Libraries and the Digital Divide: Jessamyn’s Slides

The panel yesterday on the Digital Divide went well, though I kind of chickened out and neglected to deliver my carefully crafted introduction. Doh. I’ll have more to say about what was discussed when i have a few minutes (hopefully tonight), but I wanted to be sure to link to Jessamyn’s slides, which are worth checking out. We podcasted the event, and that will be available online soon. I’ll be sure to share a link when the mp3s go up.

You might also want to check out Jessamyn’s slides from a presentation she gave on OPACs (one of the topics I’m most personally interested in). I wish I could have seen that one personally!

I promise to share more information soon!

One thought on “Small Libraries and the Digital Divide: Jessamyn’s Slides

  1. jessamyn

    Hey don’t worry about it, I thought the whole thing went really well. I was pretty on the spot at the panel at the Simmons alumni day so I know just how you felt, I was personally really interested in the other two speakers and what they had to say.


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