Kik-Step Library Edition? I must have it!

Just two days ago I was thinking, “I really need to get a step stool in this house.” I’m not a tall woman, and alas, many things in our house are stored far above my reach. Dragging a chair around the house constantly is getting pretty annoying. And lo! What did I see today? The Kik-Step 50th Anniversary Library Edition!

“Kik-step?” you ask? Oh, if you’ve ever been in a library, you know them: the classic round step stools that skid around seemingly on air, planting themselves firmly on the ground as soon as you step on them. I love them. I have always loved them, they are so easy to move around and the added foot of height is pretty awesome for someone as short as me. And I always thought having one in my house which just be too perfect, firmly solidifying my true dorkitude. And being useful at the same time!

The new library edition is, alas, perhaps a little more than I can justify spending on a step stool. I am just a poor library student, after all. But I’ll be dreaming about it. I know I will.

(Thanks to the Librarian blog for bringing this glorious thing to my attention.)

4 thoughts on “Kik-Step Library Edition? I must have it!

  1. webbygrl

    Oh you are vertically challenged? Poor thing…Bless your heart. This webby girl is 5’9″. All I can say is, “They pile sh!t high in Texas!” 🙂

    Regrettably, I cannot grasp your pining for the floating step stool. I see them in the stacks, and when I step on one, I’m too tall to function and then find myself at the awkward latitude of looking down at the spines and yet too far from the cart to reach. Totally sucks.

    I envy your ability to buy pants off the rack. Lucky girl!

  2. frodo441

    Dear…I don’t find the apparatus “dorkified” at all…but I love that word…I think and believe, from a garnered conviction it is just one of many acutriments that have an pragmatic utilitarian appeal…”oh the simple pleasures in life, so cherished and yet seemingly so shorty to seem out of reach…oh that you should be visited by not one but two or three, kick step 50’s…may your joy be complete.”


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