New new job

Life really has been changing drastically, and quickly, since I started library school, and now there is more big change on the horizon: I just got a new job. The opportunity came about so suddenly; I really expected to be at the Schlesinger for at least a year but passing up this job would have been the biggest mistake of my library school experience. And what is the awesome, not-to-be-turned-down job? I’m going to be the assistant to the Systems Librarian in my college’s library. I’m going to learn to do everything he does to maintain the library’s technology stuff. Technology stuff? Yeah, I have brief moments of feeling like I’m in a little over my head, but I’m fairly confident, and everyone else’s confidence in me doesn’t hurt, either.

My first project involves learning Ruby on Rails. I had to spend the last three days just figuring out exactly what that is, and I’ll likely spend a large part of my winter break at home in San Diego teaching myself the Ruby programming language (or at least as much of it as possible) and playing around with Rails before I officially start the job, on January 8th. I’m going to get to learn MySQL. I’m going to get better at the whole web development/XHTML thing. I’m going to get to work extensively with the ILS. I am going to be able to get a kick ass job when I graduate and I am so excited.

I do feel bad about leaving the Schlesinger after only one semester, but seriously. Would you pass this up?

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