You cannot escape the consumer culture

Not even at the library, apparently. At least not in certain counties in England anymore. What I don’t understand is why the plan seems to be so ill thought out. The Policy Director, Guy Daines, says they used to give advertising bookmarks, and he’s concerned about the work of putting ad inserts into all the books, or whether the ads will remain timely if someone doesn’t check out the book in awhile. Um…so why not just continue to give advertising book marks? They pretty much meet the same ends, and can be given at the circulation desk. And bookmarks are actually useful, and in a way, less offensive, even if they do have ads on them. Is there a particular reason to go with inserts instead of bookmarks?

And yeah, it rankles me that libraries have to resort to putting ads in books to stay afloat (granted that that is the situation). Is this already happening in libraries in the US?

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