Library Thing is my new friend

I’ve discovered a new toy which I’m sure I’ll spend way too much time on. I’ve always wanted to create a database of all my books, and now someone has taken all the work out of the thing for me. I love that it populates the LC data for you, and that you can also create your own tag-based cataloging system. I’m sure I’ll have to work out the details of my own particular system over time, but I’m having tons of fun in the meantime.

There are also nifty social networking tools, suggestions for future reading, and the ability to write review of your books.

You can enter the first 200 books for free, then you can either pay $10 annually or $25 for a lifetime membership to put as many books you want in there. Considering I own over 500 books at this young point in my life, I’ll have to pay up soon if I want a complete record of every book I own.

I’m a weird obsessive. This is why I’m going to library school, people.

One thought on “Library Thing is my new friend

  1. Nicole

    I’m so jealous of your mighty book collection. I wish my chinchilla didn’t destroy them (amongst other things). I had a conversation with a friend the other night after looking at his bookcase. Books and bookcases are such fabulous conversation pieces. I never never known another thing to spawn more interesting conversation. Ahhh books, I’m almost ready to trade the pet for the books. Why did I have to choose and animal that loves books as much as I do? I miss you honey! Love you bunches! Jefe mentioned maybe visiting for xmas! So much for my anti-visit during winter speech!


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